by Daphne Chan, Lisa Cumming, Fiona Kenney,

Lucy Wowk,

Emily Skublics



ShapeLab Toronto: King Street Transit Pilot Project



Tanya Mok

Alyssa Katherine Faoro

Fiona Kenney








public projects - assist

I had the great pleasure of being a mentor of the Ryerson ShapeLab design challenge. 4 winning teams of students were selected from a weekend hackathon to design public installations to be set along King street for the summer as part of King Street Transit Pilot Project. I was paired with the Parcade project design team, Daphne Chan, Lisa Cumming, Fiona Kenney, Lucy Wowk, and Emily Skublics, as a technician of the Design Fabrication Zone. We hard worked together to bring their whimsical design to fruition.

Each "parcade" cabinet has an interactive analog game that connects visits to St James Park next door, teaching them about the native tree species in the area, encouraging them to count the number of bikers and animals in the area, and such. The arcade cabinets appear to have been overtaken by plants growing out from within them.

We were also able to offer some assistance for another team's project, Caravanserrais. This design speaks for itself! It is a seating element that seats 20 in the same footprint that a single car would take up on the street.