Rock the Boat



Bergen, Norway


with Amina Lalor, Stanley Sun



Stanley Sun



Amina Lalor








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Rock the Boat was an interactive installation in Vagsbunnen public square in Bergen, Norway. The project was awarded Honourable Mention in the 2014 Bergen International Wood Festival Competition.

More than just a seating element, Rock the Boat acts as a catalyst for members of the community to interact. Users are encouraged to loosen up at coordinate their movements to cradle the structure back and forth. The rocking motion is reminiscent of boats floating on the pier just steps away from the square.

Woven out of 2x2 lumber, the stepped detailing of wood members allows users of all ages to climb aboard, catering to the wide demographic of the festival.

The competition challenged industry professionals and students to design and build a public installation outdoors from scratch using only 2x2 lumber within the span of 5 days. It was displayed as part of Norway’s Constitution 200th year anniversary celebrations.