• Antiprism


An “antiprism” is a triangular prism that is twisted upon itself. Its dynamic form and ability to manipulate light embodies the idea that things are relative, unstable... whereas a prism disperses light, an antiprism disperses, then re-focuses it.
The exhibit consists of 2 mirror image spaces. You begin in a stark white entryway, that shocks your retina and represents a mind that is overwhelmed with inputs, goes blank, and becomes paralyzed. 
Upon removing their shoes and stepping into the cushioned floor, visitors are funnelled into a low curtained doorway, to emerge out the other side... a larger mirror image space that is warm with colour, filled with calming ambient music, soft hanging textiles gently swaying in the wind.
The space represents the excessive inputs in one’s head, all dispersed and exposed, and encourages visitors to address, dance with, and get comfortable with them, in a sensory environment that is activated through their movement. The goal is to have a conversation with oneself, their physical body and the space as the facilitators.
The project was part of the “Flight Mode” exhibition on Toronto’s waterfront, curated by Prachi Khandekar, and taking place alongside the inaugural Toronto Bienniale of Art. Two immersive installations housed in shipping containers invited pedesterials to reflect on what we readily give up in pursuit of constant connectivity.
With so little time in our modern, capitalist culture to tend to our needs; to listen to our bodies, the installation was sa reminder of the palpable impacts on the world that we can have, and in turn on ourselves.
Velostat sensors to drivers for LED strips, Arduino tells it to pulse
Corruplast prism
Sewing velostat pads
Support rail for curtains
Community support
Vinyl lettering prompts

Waterfront, Toronto

Part of the exhibit Flight Mode curated by Prachi Khandekar. Built with support from dear friends, with special thanks to Mike Yam and Louis Lim.

Photos & Videos

Remi Carreiro
Lily Jeon


Canadian Architect
Prachi Khandekar
SAVAC - South Asian Visual Artists Collective