a project by Sugacayne Designs


I had the great pleasure of supporting Candice Dixon and Dwayne Dixon and their innovative Carnival Costume venture, Sugacayne, through the Design Fabrication Zone. The collective creativity Candice and her team of student designers gathered through a hackathon, made for incredibly innovative work. Candice pushed carnival costume design by leveraging digital fabrication tech and pairing it with her expertise in traditional costume design to break new grounds, year after year. The DFZ team and I offered support in the form of design consultation, 3D printer, CNC and laser cutter programming and operation, and hackathon coordination.
I also helped them prototype a carbon fibre “cocoon” shell for a previous costume idea that was not realized, using CNC milled foam molds and applying fibreglass + resin.

Toronto Caribbean Festival


Samuel Engelking
Dominik Haake