Miscellaneous small fries

Misc little things I’ve made for fun

Candle holders inspired by COPS donuts for my dear friends who proposed using donuts, so that they may have a non-perishable physical memento!
A wooden Gameboy Micro using PiGRRL (Raspberry Pi software for game emulation)
Sick of using typical wooden stands for art markets, we prototyped a new type of design - the next version will have tubes of nesting sizes for ease of transport!
An oloid teether toy made of maple for a new baby whose papa works in engineering - little M3 nuts inside make it rattle as it wiggles across the room! 
A pandemic get-rich project that almost came to be...! Worked with friends to create flavours inspired by our asian cultures and by our pastry chef’s favourite dismissive one-line-finisher when his folks called to check in on him... “peng you ok hei”, meaning “at my friend’s house”. At least we got to eat a ton of delicious ice cream out of it.
A handy notebook cover that fits cheap little paper back muji notebooks and gives them strength. Pen-holder that doubles as a locking mechanism!
Always struggling to be able to identify Ash wood; it varies drastically (with no stain or finish) in darkness based on a variety of factors. CNC’ed this yin and yang catchall with light and dark ash of the same species.
How do you tell fresh twin babies apart? I’m still not sure but... these crib markers are a start.