• Ripple

  • with Diana Koncan, Tim Fu, Haya Alnibari, Amina Lalor, Kate Myers, Lisa Boulatova, Nate Mendiola, Tiffany Zhang


Ripple is a playful embodiment of the notion that we can achieve more together; that every action causes a ripple effect. It was an interactive experience that invited visitors to move through a thicket of suspended droplets, making music by tugging on them; synchronizing movements and harmonizing sounds with those of other visitors.
It seeks to empower visitors to engage with and affect their environment in a playful way, and offers a different experience with every visit - at the beginning of the night when crowds line up for Nuit Blanche, your note mixes with many others, while late at night you may have the whole keyboard to yourself.
Rhino 3D + Grasshopper parametric modelling
3D printing + vacuum forming
Soldering & wiring
Spray frosting
Team work!!!!!

2016 / 2015

Gladstone Hotel / Queens Quay Terminal, Toronto

Built with the help of friends and volunteers from TMU’s Department of Architectural Science & Design Fabrication Zone. Special thanks to Stanley Sun!

A special sponsored independent project at the 10th annual Nuit Blanche Toronto (thank you Subaru), then exhibited again at Come Up To My Room.

Photos & Videos

Remi Carreiro
Amina Lalor
Michael Banate
Lisa Boulatova
Lily Jeon


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The Eyeopener
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