• Unity Kitchen

  • with TAL-TO & Sheeep Studio. Team: Reza Nik, Julia Nakanishi, Mona Dai, Siobhan Allman,Tony Kogan


The Unity Kitchen initiative was born in 2020 - a community service kitchen located in The Church of Holy Trinity (TCHT) which provides those who are facing homelessness in Toronto with fresh food and resources such as tents, jackets and sleeping bags. We teamed up to fundraise for, design, and build, some community garden planters for Unity Kitchen (now Trinity Community Hub), to support their cause and help create a homey sense of community for those living in encampments around the church.
The pandemic created a rise in food insecurity for those facing homelessness, and a core value for Unity Kitchen was to serve high quality, fresh food cooked with care, to destigmatize the narrative around care, and encouraging folks to grow their own food in a community garden planter would further the cause.

Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto

Special thanks to Cheryll Case for the connect, Sinclair Bletcher-Lowman for the collaboration, Unifor & New Canadians Lumber for the donations, Mike Yam and Jen Chow for helping us fundraise!


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